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Have you thought of the lack of schedule or routine? It is very possible that you tend to jump from your bed in front of the computer. In the long run,  no one is happy with that.

Have you thought you can work remotely even if you do not want to move anywhere? YES, it is a possibility. There are many reasons why working remotely could suit you, even if your dream is not to work from exotic beaches or stay in your pijama all day long.

We work with individuals

• who look for remote opportunities

• who are struggling to make their remote job work and thinking about going out on their own

We work with companies

• interested in hiring remote workers

• who need help understanding how to manage a remote team

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Benefits for your company

Attract best talent

Offering your employees the chance to travel and work simultaneously will make you look attractive for future candidates, and people will like to join your team.

Keep your team productive

We offer you a verified list of remote working friendly colivings, coworkings, and camps. Good internet speed, places designed for work, and quiet corners for calls. All of them to keep your team productive in every moment.

Happier employees

Almost everyone likes to travel and wants to see the world. Having work-from-anywhere opportunities, employees can fulfill their dream, and your company will be a big part of it.

Retain better

Happier employees fulfilling their dreams means more engagement from your team. Your employees turnover rate will decrease, and your company will spend less on hiring and onboarding processes.

hiring advantage

Improve your employee's benefits list with work-from-anywhere opportunities and have one more advantage in front of your competitors in the hiring process.

Why do you want it?

We believe in traveling and working at the same time. Fulfilling personal dreams and being productive for the team and clients, we want to help companies improve their workplaces and people live their lives better.

Remote working is not just a trend. It is here to stay and is here to help companies make the best of it.

In a world where remote working becomes a must, not just another benefit to offer, why not going one step further than your competition?

Allow your employees to work for short or medium periods of time from verified coliving, coworking, and camps around the world. All of them are designed for work and have a proper internet speed.

Beaches, mountains, countryside, and best cities. Your productive employees fulfill their dreams, and you will have a happier team. Beyond these, you will look cooler for future candidates who will want even more to be part of your company.

What we offer: Lifelong Experiences

We mix travel with work for unforgettable experiences. Perfectly fit places for remote working. Amazing destinations for your employees. Also, we take care of logistics and offer even more.

remote-friendly Accommodation

We offer a large network of verified remote-friendly colivings, coworkings, and camps. Good internet speed and comfortable desks to work properly.


Airplane, train, bus, ferry or others, we take care of transportation making sure everyone will reach the destination in the simple way possible.

know the place

All information about the place and the country to live in at its best. Traditions, good manners, recommendations, food, history, tips & tricks, all together for a complete experience.

travel recommendations

Every place comes with its specifics, so we make sure the employee has all it's needed in the luggage accordingly with the destination and planned activities.


Every destination has its places that deserve to be visited. We put all of them together, from landmarks to hidden gems.


Surfing in Morocco or wine tasting in France, every place comes with specific activities. We help your team get to know them and experience what suits them best.

Unique places all over the world

We offer unique experiences all over the world with the help of our network of colivings, coworkings, and remote-friendly camps.

From working in a French chateau to mix working and surfing on the sunny coast of Morocco or experimenting with Mexican nature from a coliving in Catemaco, we help remote workers build unforgettable memories.

Every location from our network passed our validation process meaning a good internet speed, a place designed for work and video calls, and an amazing host. We know the importance of remaining connected and the best conditions to be productive, and we value them at the highest rate.

How it works

Define your needs and how we can help

We want to meet each other and discover more about your business and its needs. Knowing how you work remotely now, team size, and how it is distributed, are the starting point to design good services for you.

We design your experiences portfolio

Once your needs and expectations are well known, we will design the best portfolio of places for your team. We will consider timezones, your working hours, how it is distributed, and any other preferences.

Your employees choose

It's time for your employees to choose. Beaches, mountains, countryside, big cities, the interested team members will pick where they want to travel. Depends on them if they like to travel as a group or in separate locations.

We prepare the whole experience

We take care of the rest: bookings, transportation, all the information needed about the place and its culture, what to have in the luggage, what deserves to be visited, and local activities. All together to make the experience as easy as possible.

Your employees enjoy their experiences

A great accommodation, a warm community, new activities, and discovering a new place, are the ingredients for a unique experience and personal development.

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Remote-friendly Accommodation
Know the place
Travel recommendations
What to visit
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Who we are

Andreea Munteanu

Co-founder and Nomad Visionary

I am Andreea, a traveler by heart. I have expertise in data analysis and data science and I love this lifestyle. In my free time, I seek for local experiences, I move slowly around the world and I love connecting dots & people. 

 "Sky is my TV and every shooting stars is a new show that I admire," told me a berber in my first nomadic trip. It was the beginning of a long time spent around local people, who changed my perspective about life.This is a project that I start when returning to the same place, Morocco, a country where I find challenges and inspirations.

Florin Lazar

Co-founder and Local Vibes

I am Florin and I am a promoter of the remote work lifestyle. I did it for over 3 years and I have a clear understanding on what are the needs, challenges and blockers. I am a doer, passionate about anything related to digital and marketing, being always up to date with the newest available tools and innovations in this world.