Vine21 - Coliving in Bucharest

The right place for all kinds of creative people


Bucharest, Romania



Vine 21 Co-Living first opened its doors in September 2018 in the heart of Bucharest, with the idea of gathering a community of locals and foreigners, living and growing together.  The space was designed to host all kinds of creative people : freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, artists.

The coliving has 13 rooms and the common spaces are shared with the other residents : kitchen, living room, dining room, 4 bathrooms, outside terrace. The purpose of Hugo & Arthur is to make people feel part of a community, reason why they always show flexibility and adaptability to new ideas, projects and approaches. They came to Bucharest and deeply fell in love with it, so they never left. They want people to experience the beauty of the city and to discover it in an authentic way.

Under the same roof there is an amazing coffee shop, dedicated to remote workers, that all residents of the coliving can easily access. It has a lot of cool events: Being in touch with Hugo for over 2 years, I can only mention he is a symbol of the digital nomad landscape from Bucharest and his interest to create a community of people alike here has led Vine21 to be “THE SPOT” where people go.

For more info, you can check the official website.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and the biggest city of the country. Famous for having one of the fastest internet connections in the world, it is in fact a mix where you can see different times of the history in a single place.

The affordable lifestyle is complemented by a multicultural scene and a high percent of the community who speak English. Unlike other places in Romania, Bucharest became a hub with over 6 million people, with different kinds of events and a wide range of cool places that you can choose from. It is well connected to the countryside, so in 3 hours you can either be on the shore of the Black Sea or up in the Carpathian mountains. 

Official website:

Vine21 is on social media: Facebook, Instagram.

AM.Specialty coffee shop is under the same roof. They are on social media as well: Facebook, Instagram

“I am from Bucharest and still, I never got the chance to visit Vine21, because I was lost around the world. I have been in touch with Hugo for almost 1 year and I am always amazed by his desire to improve Vine21 and to bring new events and ideas for the digital nomad landscape from Bucharest. He mentioned about the coffee shop last year and I am more than happy to see it became reality.

I recommend Vine21 because I know the quality of life and internet from Bucharest and because Hugo has a good energy. It is always a pleasure to catch up with him. Stay tuned, next time I stop in Romania, I will make you a visit ( not gonna promise a time)”

Reviewed by Andreea M.

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The right place for all kinds of creative people

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