Vallparadis - Work from the blue pearl of Morocco

An European corner in a traditional Moroccan community


Chefchaouen, Morocco



This is a place that I (Andreea) recommend after I spent 1 month there, working remotely and enjoying the beautiful views of Atlas mountains. Situated in the heart of medina, this hostel has just private rooms: single, double & triple with shared or private bathroom. It is sparkling clean and the terrace is the right place to start your day with a big cup of coffee. There is fiber and the internet connection is reliable in the entire building, reason why I found it easy to work from various places. 

The owners are an Italian family whose warmth and kindness make you will like home in the little hostel from the blue city. They are travellers heart and artists by attitude, reason why their place is a sanctuary of stories gathered around the world and little details that made me appreciate the place even more.

Vallparadis is, in essence, a paradise where you can feel like home and find like-minded people who work remotely or travel around the world. There are no words that can describe how much I loved this place: the atmosphere, the rooms, the simplicity and the art mix in a different way, that create a feeling of home. All the stories that Mari & Diego shared made me dream a little more, so, even if I got there as a stranger I left with friends that are a real inspiration for anyone. Visit them and let me know what you think!

The blue pearl of Morocco has also, in case you want to change the environment, a very nice terrace from where I used to work from time to time, Hamsa Restaurant.

For more info, you can check the official website.

The blue pearl of Morocco is situated in the Northwest part of Morocco, 2 hours away from Tangier (easy to reach from Spain) and 3.5 hours away from Fez. Situated between 2 national parks, the town offers amazing views and it is suitable for various day trips on the mountains or to Akchour waterfall. Founded many centuries ago, the town has a strong Spanish influence and it is famous for the blue shade that all buildings are painted.

Hostal Vallparadis has 8 rooms ( single, double, triple or for 4 people) that you can book on HostelWorld , AirBnB and Facebook.

Internet: 4/5

Remote working friendly: 4/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Price Accessibility: 5/5

“This is a place where you go to enjoy an European corner in a traditional Moroccan community. Mari, Diego & Anita are amazing hosts and the place is amazing to stay for a while. I spent an amazing month there, when I worked, traveled around and discovered interesting things about Morocco, Italy and how life is on the road.” 

Reviewed by Andreea M.

Places can get a rating only if one of the founders of the project has visited it.

Some of the photos from the album are taken by us, during our stay at the hostel.

Our road did not lead yet to this place, so there is no review. Once we get there, you will hear from us!

An European corner in a traditional Moroccan community

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