Mokrin House - Coliving in the countryside of Serbia

Get away from the stressful routine, move to the countryside


Mokrin, Serbia



Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia, eastern Europe. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural area. Mokrin House is a perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, who are looking to get away from the stressful routine and enjoy living and working in the countryside for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. We will take full care of you, providing 3 yummy, homemade, healthy meals a day, 24/7 workspace and ensuite bedroom. In our free time and after work we love to drink good coffee, exchange knowledge, hold movie nights, go on bike rides, swim in our bio pool or workout in our onsite gym.

The main workspace is separated in two levels, suitable for coworking, various artistic and creative workshops as well as productive team meetings. Aside from open space, the facility hosts a separate office that can provide full privacy for a team of 10 people. Mobility of the workstations enables fully functional flexibility for individual work as well as work in smaller or larger groups.

Mokrin House builds an environment where comfort is important and the work gets done. With spacious desks, there is always a power socket nearby, and you can even work on a terrace under a treetop. You can work by yourself or in a team at any time of day and night. Even more, there is a gym and access to bicycles, various workshops and fun activities. The overnight stay includes all these and, on top, 3 yummy homemade meals,  **endless amounts of purified drinking water, coffee and tea with your breakfast.

For more info, you can check the official website.

Mokrin is a village in the north of Serbia, Europe, near both the Romanian and Hungarian border. There are three airports nearby - Belgrade (BEG), Timisoara (TSR), and Budapest (BUD). Known for its diversity, the place is majority Serbian and it is right for experiencing the authentic Balkan spirit.

The official website:

Mokrin House is on social media: Facebook, Instagram ,Youtube

Internet speed throughout the entire estate: 100 Mb/s download and 20 Mb/s upload speed

Pictures copyrighted by Branislava Brandic and Relja Ivanic.

Our road did not lead yet to this place, so there is no review. Once we get there, you will hear from us!

Get away from the stressful routine, move to the countryside

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