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Work from the heart of Tbilisi


Tibilisi, Georgia



The Flow Zone is a coworking & creative networking space based on the concept of an open studio where all users interact with the environment individually, being at the same time part of the community.   

The coworking space is ready to receive digital nomads from all over the world, having desks and designed areas where you can stay focused, as well as spaces where you can get creative and inspired from people like you. It is an English speaking environment, close to all cool spots from the capital of Georgia.

The Flow Zone is built for all types of remote workers, reason why it offers different packages, depending on how long someone seeks staying. 

For more info, you can check the official website.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, a country worldwide known for its wine, amazing food and difficult history. It is a vibrant city, with lots to offer, as in recent years there has been a huge interest in tourism and infrastructure in the city. Known as being a safe country overall, the capital is also the biggest city and the most crowded one. It has a big community of expats and remote workers, due to the affordable lifestyle and very fast internet connection.

Official website:

The Flow Zone is on social media: Facebook, Instagram

You can contact them on email:

Our road did not lead yet to this place, so there is no review. Once we get there, you will hear from us!

Work from the heart of Tbilisi

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