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A place where the calm meets the ocean and it creates an idyllic atmosphere


Tifnit, Morocco



Tifnit is one of those places where the calm meets the ocean and it creates an idyllic atmosphere. Once you step in the village, the paved roads are replaced by sandy trails and any modern symbol is left behind.  There are only fisherman, boats and few stores that can offer you the basics in order to feel comfortable, an amazing restaurant owned by a man who speaks English and many surfing spots.

One hour away from the buzz of Agadir, there is Cap Tifnit, a small hotel, owned by a French couple, whose large smile will only make you feel like home. It is not a coliving and the hotel was not built for digital nomads, but if you seek for an experience in the middle of a small fisherman community, this is the right place to go. All rooms have a sea front and they have a minimalist design, which combines traditional Moroccan decorations, Berber symbols and a little bit of French elegance. 

The village has no electricity, reason why Vero & Vincent use solar panels, but unfortunately, the hotel rooms have, for now, only 12V. However, this was never a problem, as the main house could be used in order to charge the laptop, phone or camera batteries. Their breakfast reminded me of the amazing time I spent in France and the attention to little details makes me feel lucky to find this place.

Cap Tifnit is not a place recommended for intense working days or for long hours, but an experience that someone can try in order to immerse in a very small Moroccan community. Here you can relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and take regular breaks from the intense working rhythm. It is a place where time stops and all that matters is the present!

For more info, you can check the official website.

Tifnit is a small fisherman village, located 1 hour away from Agadir, Morocco. It is a place where you can immerse in a very small Moroccan community, where people are still conservative, but happy to have guests. It does not have electricity, so there is no need to discuss about fiber optic, but internet connection on both Maroc Telekom & Orange work perfectly fine.

Vero & Vincent can be found on Instagram or on Booking. Breakfast is included and all rooms are double.

For lunch, we recommend Chez Maxim , whose menu depends on what fisherman from the village will catch. If you tell him in advance, you will get an amazing lobster!

Internet: 3/5

Remote working friendly:  3/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Price accessibility: 5/5

“This hotel is an experience by itself. Located right on the beach, all the rooms offer an amazing view and the decor is simply perfect. Whereas it opened right before pandemic and there are few things that could be improved, I found Cap Tifnit perfect for those who seek for a break from the hectic rhythm of moving very often. Breakfast is included and dinner is available and honestly, both of them are delicious, being in fact a mix between France, the country origin of the owners, and Morocco.

I did not find this place for very long stays, even if I spent 2 weeks there, because of the lack of plugs in the rooms (there is only 12V available). Looking at the bright side, because of this, I took a break every 2-3 hours, which was honestly very healthy and it made me feel much better.  I found credit to buy from the local store & I used a hot-spot always, but there was no problem with the internet connection.

All in all, Cap Tifnit stays my favourite experience in Morocco, because of various reasons. Vero & Vincent are very welcoming, even if their English is basic (I do speak French), the rooms are simple but very nice and the whole atmosphere of the place is relaxing. I do not encourage you to go there if you plan working a lot, but I think that if you would like some relaxing days, with a little work, this is the right place”.

Reviewed by Andreea M.

Our road did not lead yet to this place, so there is no review. Once we get there, you will hear from us!

A place where the calm meets the ocean and it creates an idyllic atmosphere

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