Top 5 industries to work remotely

August 19, 2021

The last year showed us that almost everyone can work remotely as long as they put a little bit of effort into this. Whereas for some industries the change was much easier, there were some fields of work that had to adapt processes and ways of function in order to be able to continue remotely. There is always a bright side, right?

work remotely from a laptop


Remote work has been with no doubt famous in this industry even before the world moved online. A lot of IT companies prefer having the remote option firstly to get access to more resources and secondly to have a competitive advantage in the recruiting market. Nowadays, more and more people think that working in IT is the big deal, but there are some other options to consider.


Digital platforms lead to a change in the marketing industry and how it works. Whether we talk about social media or content writing, there is no real need to be in an office anymore. This is the reason why marketing jobs come nowadays in different shapes and allow people to perform them from anywhere in the world.


Generating leads is an activity that changed completely since the internet appeared and platforms like Linkedin became famous. There is no need to knock at someone's door anymore and selling can be performed through email or text messages. This is why more and more companies accept remote workers and even more, they value the knowledge of a foreign language.

HR and recruiting

Since the moment people started hiring remote workers, the recruiting industry changed its shape. Not all companies require a presence in the office, especially when all interviews are held online. It is more in line with the culture of the remote companies and it gives a chance to access recruiters from different corners of the world.

Education and training

There is no need for a classroom to teach anyone anything. Even if there is a need for formal education and schools have an important role, nowadays more and more people look for remote tutors or virtual teachers to develop a specific skill. Have you ever thought of spreading your knowledge around the globe by teaching others?

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