Remote working, the hiring advantage

July 1, 2021
Remote Working

Remote working makes sense for most people nowadays. Almost two years ago, before the pandemic, when we started to work at the first version of, we invested a lot of time explaining what remote working and the digital nomad lifestyle means. Now, after a year and a half since the pandemic has started, these two terms are on everyone's lips. And they are here to stay.

The past perspective of remote working

In 2019, there was an expectation for 2035 of 1 billion people practicing at least part-time digital nomad behavior, this meaning working and traveling for at least a couple of weeks or months per year. I don't have an updated report for how the pandemic influenced the trend, but more than sure, the number increased.

Now, we can easily see employees that prefer to resign than coming back to the office. I think this is huge.

A couple of years ago, the companies that offered remote work possibilities were considered too innovative or impossible to run properly. Also, the workforce wasn't sure if a company like this can be for them considering moving from a 9-to-5 to a remote working environment a lifestyle change.

Empty office

Remote working is now a must

Today, a remote working environment is a must, especially for the IT field. Beyond wages, people are searching for a good list of benefits and on top of that is remote working flexibility.

"We work online, and we can do it from anywhere."

"If we are productive, the companies don't need to ask us to come into the office."

"You pay me for my work, not for my time from 9-to-5."

I hear these sentences frequently, and they make more sense than ever.

It seems like employees have the leverage of remote working when they search for a new opportunity, and the companies need to match this expectation. If you, as a company, want to have access to the best talent in the world, you must offer this benefit.

Digital nomad in Crete, Greece

Companies need to change their operations to integrate remote working. Most of them do it during the pandemic and soon will have the question if they want to come back to the old version, with their people in the offices, or improve the actual system and embrace working from anywhere further.

Some big tech companies already announced they will not ask the people to return. Just if they want. Other ones reported that remote working improved their productivity.

Last but not least, a category blamed the pandemic as the principal actor for their productivity decrease and they offer this as a reason when they ask the employees to come back to the office.

Here is a problem. Productivity decrease is not the employees' fault. It is the companies fault. This means the operations are not running properly and are not adapted to remote working. In the long run, the only option for these companies is to work on their processes and organizational culture, not trying to bring people back to the office like before the pandemic.

And I'm not saying this just from the point of view of a remote worker. I'm saying it because tech companies need it to keep attracting the best talent in the market and develop their business further.

Take the advantage of remote working

If you are an employee, it's time to consider full-time remote working and travel a little bit. I know we are a digital nomad platform, and we believe in this lifestyle, but if you like to travel, now it's time to do it at least a couple of weeks or months per year.

I hear many amazing stories from people who have dreamt to travel more in their twenties, and now they are on the road feeling blessed about what they experience.

On the other side, for companies, it's time to let people work from anywhere. More than this, you can help them work from anywhere offering opportunities around the world. Of course, is necessary to bring everyone together at least a couple of times per year, but helping your employees work from an island in Greece when they have the dream to visit the place just in a vacation, is easy to implement and it has great benefits for both the company and the employee.

On each side you are, if you like the idea, you can join us on our digital nomad camp in Essaouira, Morocco or, we can help you design custom events for your company by filling this form.

Remote working, traveling, local vibes, and meeting like-minded people is a nice mix. Let's enjoy it

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