Digital nomad lifestyle: Pros & Cons

May 31, 2021

Being a digital nomad means that you can work and travel at the same time, so you have a job that allows you to work online and you have the desire to discover the world. Whereas the pandemic moved things faster and easier for those who wanted to work remotely, it also came with tons of restrictions, which can scare people away.

Before being a digital nomad, I was an enthusiastic traveler and I remember that my friends and family would always think I was a little crazy when I was telling my dreams. It was not called "digital nomad", but it actually summarised the lifestyle that I have nowadays. It incorporates freedom, flexibility, and adaptability. But is it always like that?

Digital nomad lifestyle: PROS

1. Travel the world,

with no pressure to return home. It means you can stay longer in the places you want, there is no drama if you could not make it to one tourist objective and a rainy day will not destroy everything.

2. Meet new people

and extend your network more than you thought you could ever do in one place. You will chat with people who inspire you, people who scare you, and people who make you reconsider your life. You will find lifetime friends, new business partners, and maybe the love of your life. All the boundaries that you had before around meeting new people will fall apart and nationality, color, religion, or race will not matter anymore. One of the most open-minded people are actually travelers! (it does not mean that you cannot be open if you do not embrace this lifestyle!)

3.  Get inspired

to try new things, start new projects, leave everything behind. It all depends on how open you stay (and probably once you embraced this lifestyle, you will be fairly open) to new opportunities. More important than that, life on the road, where your mind is also trained to do things is an amazing combination, which will generate ideas. The places you live in, the people you meet, the stories you hear are all valuable sources of inspiration.

Street view from Reunion Island, France

Digital nomad lifestyle: CONS

1. There is still work to do,

so life is not a continuous holiday.  Late work hours should be considered and, whenever you think of doing an activity take into account your working schedule. Even more, if there is a specific timezone when you have to work, take that into account when moving, such that you can adapt and have a healthy lifestyle.

2. It can be lonely sometimes

because everyone comes and goes, everything changes and there is nothing that lasts in your life (or at least this is what you feel).  Most of your (new) friends know you for less than 1 year and you will say more "Goodbyes" than you ever imagined. There will not be a coffee shop where the barista knows your order and your neighbors will be, at least at the beginning, simple strangers.

3. It can be tiring

to keep moving around without a final destination, packing, and unpacking every month. Once you embrace this lifestyle, your comfort zone extends dramatically and most of the things that you are used to, are not there anymore. Whereas on many occasions this is an exciting adventure, there are moments when it feels that you need a break. And it is perfectly fine, take it without thinking twice!

Man paddling at the sunset

The digital nomad lifestyle is amazing, but, like everything else in this life, it is not for everyone. It comes with many advantages that changed my life completely and improved it to a level I never imagined, but, at the same time, it had challenges that made me think twice if this is what I want to do.

Before hitting the road, I wondered if that was something I wanted to do for a lifetime, but nowadays I see things differently. I enjoy this lifestyle NOW and whenever I will feel it does not suit me anymore, I will change something. On the road, I realized I could travel further than I ever imagined, I started new projects like and I met amazing people whose life inspired me. At the same time, I write this blog post from the garden of the riad where I moved because I needed few days of quietness, without packing, unpacking, or socializing, to focus more on the project.

It is not perfect, but I love this lifestyle!

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