How to start your digital nomad journey

June 23, 2021

The digital nomad lifestyle can sound difficult at the beginning. A lot of time away from home, accommodating to a new community every couple of months - depending on how much you want to travel, trying to replicate your lifestyle in different locations where you don't have the same conditions like home, changing your habits, and so on. It could sound unpleasant not to be near your home, friends, and your favorite spots around the city for more than a couple of days or weeks.

In the beginning, it looks too much to go away from home for more than a year. This is why I suggest starting small.

Be a digital nomad in your country

If you want to experiment it step by step and see the potential of the digital nomad lifestyle, you can work from a different city in your home country for a couple of days or weeks.

A couple of days could be interesting from a traveler's point of view. You can work during the day and discover the city and its community in the evenings. You can also include a weekend dedicated just for traveling.

exploring a new city

If you stay a couple of weeks, a minimum of three, you'll start to have a different type of experience. You'll go beyond the travel perspective, and you will become part of the community. You'll have time to experiment with more places to work from, and you'll find what suits you the best. Also, you'll start looking at the small things: how to optimize your time around the city, what's the best food, which are those local restaurants with delicious dishes at good prices, where are the best places in the city to stay chill or to party, and so on. Even more and very important, when you stay a couple of weeks you can meet new people, make friends and give life to memorable moments.

Working remotely from your country is easy because you already know the language and you have a lot of similarities in terms of culture and lifestyle with the people you meet. More than this, you can pick a place where you already have a couple of friends, and it could be very helpful to spend some time with them in a new city.

Work for a couple of weeks in a foreign place

If you've liked this experience, you can go further: travel for a couple of weeks to a new country. Read about the place, be open and enjoy your time. Let yourself be surprised. You have a lot of options to choose from.

Coliving & coworkings

One of them is to go to a coliving & coworking place. In these places you'll find other digital nomads with the same objectives as you: work remotely, visit a new country, make new friends. Also, these places are designed to help digital nomads accommodate into new communities and feel integrated. For example, you can experience the variety of Bucharest, living in a castle in France, the rural life in Spain or a Portuguese island.

Local communities

Another option is to join local communities dedicated to digital nomads. Many cities friendly for this lifestyle have a community where you can make new friends, visit the country and spend your time with like-minded people. Their organizers are helpful people ready to give you a piece of advice or answer any questions you have when you are a guest of their country. For example, if you choose to visit Malta, you can join this local community.

Digital nomad camps

Last but not least, you can join digital nomad camps. These events take between one and three weeks and are designed to aggregate digital nomads in a remote-friendly location with good internet speed and quiet places for meetings. Even more, it could mix remote working with other activities like yoga, practicing a sport, and visit the surroundings. In these weeks, you'll have the perfect mix of meeting like-minded people, experimenting with a new culture, and do your job in the best conditions. Even more, the organizers are open to offering travel advice, helping you find the best route to the location, and having everything you need when you go to a new country. If you like this idea, you can join our kitesurfing camp in Essaouira, Morocco. We will be happy to meet you :).

digital nomad camp

Become a full-time digital nomad

This type of experience will probably give you a lot of trust in yourself. You'll start discovering new places and, even more interesting, discover new parts of yourself. Don't forget that the digital nomad lifestyle is equally about discovering yourself as is about discovering new places.

If you think is it for you, now you can start traveling for a full year or even more, as you wished at the beginning and it looked overwhelming at that time.

Be patient and give it time. Experience will help you adapt to new places faster and you'll have a bigger desire to experiment with different things on the road.

Every journey starts with a single step. What's your first destination?

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