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May 19, 2021
Remote Working

Looking for a remote job can be tiring, scary and frustrating at a time. Before the pandemic started, the main question that I had was “Where can I find remote companies”, but this is a topic that suffered a slight change in the past year. However, the idea of returning back to the office is a pain point for those who seek a 100% remote job.

There are several options that someone can follow in order to change the big glass windows and the traditional offices. Whereas in the past working remotely seemed like a dream very difficult to achieve, nowadays it is just a matter of staying reliable until someone finds the right opportunity and environment.


This is the oldest option that people used to choose in order to work remotely. From marketing to software development, from design to product, there are many industries that look for freelancers. 

Platforms like UpWork or PeoplePerHour are options that everyone knows about, being controversial because of the high number of freelancers that compete on a job. However, it is still possible to start from scratch and build a profile that will bring you a good income in few months. On the other hand, Toptal aims to have top 3% freelancers around the world and some users like this one have threads periodically on HackerNews where people can post periodically. 

Working remotely in Morocco

Lastly, do not you give up on your freelancing journey before you even start. At the very beginning of our careers, we made a step back and looked around once again. “What are the needs of people around me?” or “How can I help people around me?” were just 2 of the questions that answered and helped us get our first clients. Even if nowadays we have much more experience, from time to time we do the same exercise in order to acquire new clients from our network.

Remote companies

There were remote companies before the pandemic as well, the challenge was just to find them. From my past experience, most of them are based in US and the only challenge that someone might have is the long recruitment process.

Back in the days, BrandBastion, Canonical and Plus972 were 3 of the enterprises, from very different industries, with which I tried my luck. All I could say was that the interviews were very different from the ones that I have had before and the very typical recruitment questions were replaced by much more interesting challenges.

Nowadays, websites like FlexJobs or Otta offer an extensive offer of remote jobs, in various industries. While researching for this article, I found these remote companies that have been part of the remote working movement since its very beginning: GitHub, Zapier,, Amazon, Parabol.

These are just some companies from an exhaustive list that we would happily share if you reach us. Before building this website or finding our path in the digital nomad world, we sought remote jobs, we struggled to find the right companies that suit us and we both, succeeded and failed, in our job hunt.


Starting over is difficult regardless of age, experience or topic. Entrepreneurship is a journey that has many question marks and challenges people to take risks and think outside the box. It is a roller-coaster where the perspective can change very fast, so it requires adaptability and flexibility.

Launching a startup

However, there is nothing more beautiful for an entrepreneur to see the results of his own work. I found it easier to work hard for the projects you believe in and much more motivating to build from scratch. Of course, we saw everything falling apart and we needed time to recover, but in the end, we found the power to start over. In fact, is a project that is born after we firstly tried to work as entrepreneurs together on another start-up dedicated to digital nomads.

At this point, there are few things that I repeat to everyone, when we discuss about entrepreneurship:

Test before you build

It feels like this is a statement that everyone says it, but still, not many people listen. Before you build a fancy mobile app, make a mock-up and let your users play with it. Before you design the perfect toy, create a prototype and let your audience play with it. Before you go big, start small. Iterate based on the feedback you get and observe and, most important, do not be afraid to switch and adapt, based on the needs that you identify. This leads me to my second point.


There is no need for you to wait until the perfect version is available to go out there and talk to people, show them what you did and gather their feedback. When I firstly showed to someone, I received a lot of constructive feedback that helped us improve fast and optimise our website.

Try more than once

When I started my first start-up, I never thought I would ever fail and have to start again. At the same time, once everything was over, I needed some time to process my experience and get my learnings. After that, I felt ready to go back to the entrepreneurship journey, as motivated as I used to be and a little bit more experienced.

Of course, this is my journey and it does not mean that you will have to start over more than once. However, if it happens that you are in the same position do not be afraid to take your time 

and start again once you feel prepared to take risks and build something from scratch.

Working remotely is not for everyone and it can be challenging from time to time. However, if this is your dream, you should follow it and see if it suits you. These are just some of the options that one has in order to change the traditional office, but not necessarily the 9 to 5 approach, that can stay an option, at least for the remote companies that someone could choose. At the same time, if you want a remote job only because of the chance to travel more, I would encourage you to take into account some other options that give you more freedom and time to travel around the world such as a gap year or volunteering.

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