7 reasons to start working remotely

"Why do you prefer working remotely?", "Don't you miss going to an office?", "Have you ever met your colleagues?" are just some of the questions that I got when I decided to stop going to an office and work from home. Actually, I started working from anywhere. Before taking this decision, I thought a lot about remote working and how it would change my life. Here are some of the reasons that I wrote down back then.

1. Commuting time

I used to spend between 1.5-2 hours going to the office and coming back, in an overcrowded subway, time that I could barely breath or do anything useful with my life. Imagine that I could spend 10% of my time from a day doing nothing. And there is nothing wrong in doing nothing every now and then, but make it at least in an enjoyable environment.

2. Work breaks

I do not always like taking lunch at 12 o'clock and also my coffee breaks were very often taken depending on my colleague's or friend's breaks. Nowadays,  I stop working depending on my needs or desires and it gives a sense of freedom that I enjoy a lot. It is true that I socialise less, but I think that the time I spend with my friends or work colleagues is more qualitative and I value it a lot more.

3. Distractions from the office

It can easily be connected with the topic that I approached above, but working in an office can be very distracting. People walk often next to your desk, they might be noisy and every now and then they would come and talk to you. All these things were, even if sometimes pleasant, distractions, that would take me out of my work rhythm and make me lose my focus. It is exactly like social media when you try to study. There is no need to use it for a long time to distract you, such that you need some time to go back on the topic and be truly focused on a specific task.

4. Morning routine

I enjoy mornings at a certain rhythm and doing specific activities such as reading, meditation, stretching or having a huge coffee and breakfast. All of them take time, so I end up waking u very early in the morning and feel always easily frustrated if on any day I would skip any part of this. In fact, taking into account also the commuting time, I would start my days way earlier that I feel comfortable waking up, so I would also go to bed too early for my lifestyle. Once I eliminated the commute, I could afford to be more flexible on when to start my morning routine.

5. Save money

If I am being completely honest, this was a trap. I save money because I invest less in specific things like transportation or office clothes, but I had to invest in gadgets and objects that made my home office more comfortable. However, before I started working remotely I thought I would save more money and, even if I never properly made the math, I am still convinced that in the long run, I save more money.

6. Flexibility

It took me some time to understand how important flexibility and freedom are to me, but nowadays I feel blessed or having the option to go to my parent's house for a few days to work from there or go to the seaside and work hearing the waves breaking into the shore. At the end of the day, I chose remote working because I wanted more flexibility and it came with more motivation to work hard and stay focused during my working hours.

7. Work office

I had a very hard time going daily to the office and always working exactly in the same environment, with the same view. Depending on the things I have to do in a day, I prefer working from different places: I enjoy creative work in a coffee shop, and on heavy-meeting days I prefer spending them home. Even more, since I started working remotely I discovered that I am more efficient if I work from the outside, either on a terrace or on a balcony, so I take this option whenever I have the chance. Whereas in the past I could not choose where I was working, remote working allows me to work where I want, depending on my needs, schedule, and desires.

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