5 best practices to retain remote teams

Remote working offered the chance to leaders to hire people from all over the world, so talent from any place could be part of the company. However, it also means that more enterprises will try to attract people from your team because there are no borders and restrictions on who can work where. In this context, retaining talent in your team is more challenging, but at the same time, more rewarding.

Communicate better

Most of the employees do not quit their job, but their managers and most of these situations start with poor communication. Even if you might not know your meet in person, the way to communicate with your team plays a key role in people collaboration.

Asynchronous communication is an approach that you could take, that it gives people autonomy to do their job and ownership of their tasks. In this way, people will feel more empowered and also they will build connections where everyone is more considerate with everyone's time, so there will less stress or frustration.

Recognize performance

Working in a remote team can make you wonder very often if you are performant or good enough in the team. As a leader of a remote team always remember to give the recognition that they deserve.

Praise them as individuals, but also as a group when achievements involve the whole team, such that they feel valued and appreciated. Even small shout-outs on the social channels you have to help the level of motivation in the team and they cost nothing.

Career progression

For many people, job satisfaction is driven not only by the tasks or projects they do but also by the possibility to progress in their career and knowledge that they are building toward a bigger and better goal.

Therefore, considering mentoring or career programs for your team, such that they learn new skills and get a deeper understanding of the existing ones. Each team member has their own goals and desires in terms of growth, so take them into account and find ways to turn them into reality.

Remote work flexibility

People appreciate the flexibility and have a natural need to feel free to build their own schedules, in order to choose how the balance time between personal and professional time. The process of managing a flexible depends on the way that your team members are hired within the company, but drawing some guidelines on when they should be available and leaving space for them to be comfortable on creating their own routine can play an important role in choosing to stay or leave a company.

Work-life balance

Remote working makes a lot of people work long hours and, whereas in the short term, you might benefit from the results of this habit in your team, in the long run, it leads to burnout, lack of motivation, and work fatigue. In order to avoid it, encourage all of your team members to work the right amount of time and build an environment where there is a balance between personal and professional life. Also, mental health is important in the work-life balance, so if the company that you and your team are part of offers support or free therapy, promote it within your team members.  Lastly, applications like Headspace have become more and more popular in remote companies, either as a benefit or a simple recommendation from managers. If it is the case, your team members should be aware of that, as it might help them a lot.

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