3 things to consider when you work remotely

October 14, 2021
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Before working remotely, that was the ultimate dream. I could not see any other better thing to happen to me and I thought it would give me all the freedom I ever wanted. Do not get me wrong, for me, this is the dream even nowadays. I love working remotely and I do not imagine going back to an office, but throughout the years, I learned that working remotely is not for everyone and there are some things that not everyone enjoys.

Loneliness at work

Working remotely influences people to take fewer breaks and connect harder with their work colleagues. There aren't lunch breaks or morning coffees shared in the office and, even if sometimes it is hard to admit, knowing with who you work improve the collaboration that you might have with those people. It is not something good or bad, it is something that definitely depends on everyone's personality. I know people who enjoy more working without being bothered and invited out for a coffee, but I also met people who felt insanely lonely because of their new home office.

Before choosing to work remotely permanently, asses this aspect and how important it is for you. Be honest, such that you do not end up working in an environment that you do not fully enjoy.


Working remotely comes with a lot of flexibility that both allows you to create a routine that you fully enjoy and set up your own priorities, how and when you approach them. For people who have no problem following high-level objectives and following them without a lot of direction, it will be easy, but for those who need more guidance, especially in junior positions, this can be challenging.

Work schedule

This is something that I approached more than once and it is connected to the point I discussed before. Remote work gives a lot of freedom and flexibility, but it does not mean there is no need for a schedule or a routine. It is even more needed nowadays, that your office is your home, because there is no clear line between where you work and where you relax unless you define it. Jumping from bed directly in front of the computer makes everyone feel always tired and, at the same time, working and doing house chores and determine people work very long hours and get to burnout. Lack of breaks is one of the risks that I experienced, so nowadays, I clearly take breaks every 90 minutes, when I stand up from the laptop and go for a walk around the house. At the same time, setting up a rough working schedule and hours between you can work, even if they are slightly more flexible than they used to be before can be another approach that can help you improve your work-life balance.

Remote working brings a lot of benefits and enjoys them is a real blessing, but it is not a lifestyle that matches everyone's personality. It is not something good or bad around it, but more likely an assessment that every person needs to do before choosing this lifestyle.

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