An European corner in a traditional Moroccan community

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Young hostel near the lagoon

Reunion Island, France

Meet, share and learn from like-minded freelancers in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Work from anywhere

Coworking. Coliving. Authentic experiences.

There are more and more opportunities to work remotely from different corners of the world. From unusual experiences like living and working in a castle to beach houses, digital nomads are, nowadays, everywhere.

Here is a selection of all the experiences that we recommend. It includes different aspects that a remote worker needs: coworking, coliving, authentic experiences, or, why not, cheaper flights.

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Digital nomad camp in Morocco

Working remotely seems like a fairytale that offers the perfect life: no need to go to the office, no dress code & work from the beach. It is partially true, but the whole picture is a little different. Remote working is a complex lifestyle, that includes tons of good parts, but also some challenges that it is worth taking into account.

Have you thought you can work remotely even if you do not want to move anywhere? YES, it is a possibility. There are many reasons why working remotely could suit you, even if your dream is not to work from exotic beaches or stay in your pijama all day long.

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